The streusel story

Crumble – granny’s all-time best

Remember? The comforting warmth, the seductive scent … and when granny took the cake out of the oven, you were allowed to nibble on the warm crumble topping. Now this tasty treat is available as a product in its own right.

The streusel story

With love – and natural ingredients

Like granny, we make our streusel crumble with care and natural ingredients. Flour, butter, sugar, and rub it all together: That’s how easy and clever granny’s cooking is – simply delicious!

The streusel story

Following granny’s original recipe

Artificial additives have no place in granny’s baking bowl or in ours. We use the original recipe, prepare everything fresh and use only high-quality ingredients. And you can taste that.

The streusel story

Re-live your childhood

Who doesn’t like to remember wonderful times as a child in the kitchen: Fresh ingredients, a wonderful fragrance and lots of crumbly golden treats. The Streusel Bar brings this indescribable feeling back to you. With the best of the cake according to grandma’s original recipe. So crumbly, so delicious!

The streusel story

Take a crumble break

Now you can look forward to this snack-time treat – just crumble, or with fruity toppings, fruit filling or custard. In the office, on the road, with a coffee, with friends, just like that. Add some delicious crumble to your life!

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